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The Memoirs of Dora the Explorer – Week 3

Posted: 18 April 2013 by Lou Barden in Memoirs of Dora

So the hard work began, sanding, painting, checking sea cocks, unblocking the head – definitely a job for Jim !! servicing the engine, checking the sails and getting supplies on board. Fortunately for us there was a sizable ex-pat community out there who seemed to live at the boatyard and were all fantastically helpful. They were such a permanent feature they had brick built BBQ at the yard !!Image

Special mention has to be given to Linda and Russ on the fabulous Aqua Domus which they had spent years doing up at Aktio Marina.



Not only did Russ & Linda make us teas and coffees when we had no provisions they leant us a battery so that we could test and start our engine, gave us an old sail to use as a bimini and the address of a sail maker in Vliho bay to cut and shape it for us, radio spares, food and drink, the list is endless, we owe them a massive thank you !! Russ is the chap with the pipe and is a big fan of Jimmy Buffett !!Image

18th June 2008 and Biba took to the water, at last the voyage could begin first stop Preveza to get some provisions and a nice cold beer at Zorbas The Greek !!!! Should perhaps find Zorbas the hair dresser as well !!



The Memoirs of Dora the Explorer – Week 4

Posted: 18 February 2013 by Lou Barden in Memoirs of Dora

On 19th June we left Preveza at 8.00am heading for the Lefkas canal, unfortunately missed the 10.00am bridge opening by 10 minutes so had to wait for the 11.00am. Stopped off at Lefkas to take on diesel and water, managed to find some corriander !! and got the boat name letters to stick on the side.

Made it to Vliho bay where Aqua Domus and Free Will (another boat from Aktio Marina) were moored. Can you believe this was our first swim since getting to Greece !!




Linda and Russ invited us for curry aboard Aqua Domus that night – excellent news we were both suffering curry withdrawal !! The next day we went to get our sun shade made, Orchidi was briliant and got straight on it, Horatio had a file on Biba and told us it had been in a stern collision, just what we wanted to hear !! When we got back to the boat we noticed that the VHF connection at the top of the mast had come away, another trip to the top for me !! Went over to Aqua Domus to say goodbye to Russ and Linda before we headed down to Sivota which was to be our last stop before heading across the Ionian Sea to Italy. Russ donated us some cushions for the cockpit, result, somewhat more comfortable watches in store for us both.

Sivota is a beautiful little bay, nice and protected, especially when you have to go up the mast again, so up I went, checked all the stay connections, got to the top but unfortunately the main cable had fallen back into the mast so we were going to be without radio for a period.


Jim rigged up a length of wire with some crock clips to get the steaming light and deck light working, they both come on at the same time but will have to do for the time being. Still can’t get the stern light working so a head torch attached at the back will have to suffice. Ah we were young and carefree in those days, or perhaps just a little bit stupid !!

The Memoirs of Dora the Explorer – Week 2

Posted: 13 February 2013 by Lou Barden in Memoirs of Dora

And so it began on 11th June 2008 having traveled by fast cat, big ferry and bus with a few hours break at a destination some of you may recognise….


We finally arrived at the boat yard where Biba had been sitting on the hard for 5 years.


Skipper Jim decided he did not like the wind generator but would not recommend using your head to remove blades !! Particularly when they are spinning !!!


It became quite clear  that no one had

WOBBLE’d the engine for some time


The tool kit left a little to be desired !!


And the Ensign and Horseshoe buoy just did not make the ‘Shipshape and Bristol fashion’ grade !!


Understandably the decision to launch and go was delayed and a week of hard work started to get Biba into a sailable condition

Cowes !