RTIR 2016 – Nomad 1 vs One Life vs Windchat

Posted: 28 June 2016 by Jim Barden in Uncategorized

For the fifth year Nomad Sailing will be entering two boats into the annual race around the Isle of Wight.  Roughly 60 nm and over 1500 yachts will be competing, but Nomad 1 and One Life,  crewed by Nomad Sailing students,  will be keen to be beat each other over the finsh line.  The two Sunfast 37’s are well matched, although the sail wardrobe will suit Nomad 1 if the winds are stronger on the day.  Another of group of our friends will be sailing on the newly restored yacht Windchat a Cutlass 27 that is a fine sailing boat – we hope to see and compete with them on the way round.

one lifeWindchat-alongside-at-the-Folly-Inn-768x1024Round the Island Race 2015 - Nomad 1 The three competitors

To track our progress during the race click here

Start times:

One Life 0920 DST

Nomad 1 0950 DST

Windchat 1010 DST



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