Weather Predictions

Posted: 29 May 2013 by Kirsty Elliott in Round the Island Race

The Nomad 1 and Fortyniner crews have been avidly watching the long range forecasts for Saturday in the lead up to the race.  The conditions for the last two years have been very windy and not allowed for the boats to get their spinnakers/cruising chutes up, so the big question is ‘Will we manage it this year?’  Would also be nice if we had some nice sunshine on the way round too!  Although I’ll settle for no rain.

We have also been watching the official forecast information as it comes out from Race HQ.

All the forecast information at the moment is pointing to the wind staying predominately from the north west/north north west for the majority of the time it is likely to take us to get round.

In the last 24 hours windguru has changed its predictions in terms of gust strength and also the predicated strength of the wind appears to have dropped slightly as well with forecasts of between 9-11 knots.  Gust strengths are forecast to be lower in the afternoon.

We are starting the race two hours earlier than last year and an hour earlier than in 2011 to take best advantage of the tide – particularly on the way down to the Needles which will be our first major check point on the way.

The teams will be meeting on Thursday evening for race planning which will be updated again the following evening based on the latest weather available.

Don’t forget on Saturday you’ll be able to check which boats plans are working best using the race tracker!  And look out for updates from each boat on the day!


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