Olympic Sailing Trip

Posted: 17 August 2012 by Jim Barden in Trips

Departing Gosport at 1000 on Wednesday morning to make favourable tide through the Needles we finally arrived at Poole at 2030. At the town quay a Serco dredger had managed to take up almost all the visitors space but we thought we would sneak in at the end of visitors area just into the passenger vessels only area, unfortunately we got moved off and into the marina but the staff were excellent and gave us a good spot.  Departing Poole at 0600 on Thursday morning so we could catch the 470 class in Weymouth, we made good time. Following all the instructions and calling in 2 hours before reaching the precautionary area, we were met by a welcoming committee of helicopter and UK border agency vessel – but all they did was give us a wave.

Getting into Weymouth Harbour we were met by the Weymouth staff in a rib to give us our mooring, perfect, in the harbour just opposite the harbour Masters Office and the facilities. The Weymouth staff were amazing, always on hand to take your lines, welcome packs arrived within 30 minutes of mooring and off we went to watch our first race.

The 470 class was good to watch but the Elliott class was much easier to follow, we went out on the boat to watch the finals but decided it was a bit too rough and definitely too deep to anchor securely so we headed back in to watch the final few races between Spain and Australia on land. Great atmosphere in Weymouth add to that the fantastic weather and great crew we had an awesome few days. Thanks to both Andy and Jes for their ipad Olympic coverage, we had two channels on the go, one above deck covering one sport and one below covering another – take your pick, for some reason the girls quite liked to watch the diving !!!
Yesterday we headed to Lulworth Cove, thanks to Leanne for navigating that one, it was a beautiful day, so a rowing competition ensued whilst towing Nomad 2 followed by the brave, Rachel, Dave and Andy going for a swim. The fishing proved to be a complete disaster but perhaps chorizo is not the right bait !! Our night sail back from Lulworth was very pleasant and well sailed by the crew, so a big thanks has to go to Andy, Dave, Rachel, Leanne, Roy and Jes for making our Olympic trip such and enjoyable one.

There are still places available on our trip to watch the sailing in Rio in 4 years time……


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