Outcome of the Nomad 1 & Vis RTIR 2012 Challenge

Posted: 3 July 2012 by Paul Blacknell in Round the Island Race

A fabulous and long day’s sailing was had by both crews in the Nomad Sailing race within a race.

Vis started 10 minutes earlier than Nomad 1 under flag Blue due to it’s ISCRC handicapping advantage. It certainly seems this handicap was rather ambitious (if not ridiculous) as during training and boat familiarisation the previous day it was quickly discovered that the Bavaria 36 was no match against the Jeanneau Sunfast 37. Nomad 1’s superior pointing ability put it at a distinct advantage during the upwind sail to the Needles and Vis was overtaken after only an hour.

Nomad’s crew were delighted if not surprised to pass the Needles 24 minutes sooner than in similar conditions last year. They were more than a little restrained in early celebration given the potential advantage Vis had in her huge genoa for the downwind legs to Bembridge Ledge. This concern was not unfounded and the tracking software was hugely motivating to the Vis crew as they edged closer and closer to their rivals for the next several hours.

Although Vis felt quite slow on the upwind sail to the Needles, they knew they had a chance to gain on the downwind leg. Despite being passed before the Needles, the Vis crew remained optimistic. As they passed the Needles, there was much excitement as they made up ground on Nomad. At one point, the crew on Vis believed they spotted Nomad and cheered and gestured as they passed. However, the excitement was short lived when the boat turned out to be another Sunfast yacht with similar markings!

After St. Catherine’s point, Nomad just seemed to break away. Despite some excellent downwind sailing by the Vis crew, there was no stopping them, and the reality of second place sank in. There was one comical moment when an overtaking yacht shouted out “Starboard”, only to be confidently told by Lou “Yeah, you may be Starboard but your overtaking!!!”. The skipper was put back in his box.

Nomad 1 picked up another 5 minutes against it’s target time on the broad reach to the iconic St. Catherine’s point only to lose all advantage gained so far on the Bembridge Ledge leg. Another 5 minutes was lost on the final beat up to the finish line putting its final time at 9 hours 7 minutes, some 8 minutes slower than in 2011. The drama was far from over as, having timed its last starboard tack south towards the finish line, Nomad 1’s crew forced several competitors on their final port tack to the finish line to tack again. This must have caused them at least a few additional minutes – much to the delight of the Nomad 1 crew.

As Nomad 1 made its final tack to the finish line it quickly became clear that the layline into the southern finish gate would be tight. But not as tight as for the four yachts ahead – two of which appeared to collide – all four virtually stopping dead on the finish line. This provided Jim’s crew with an interesting 10 second “will we hit them or not” moment along with “Engines On” from the committee boat’s tannoy.

The final leg was tough on Vis, with a number of tacks across a steady flow of yachts required to get them over the finish line. Mike skilfully helmed them in with a few nail biting near misses before the finish.

Nomad 1 Vis
Needles 02:22:53 02:39:56
St Catherine’s Point 02:00:19 02:02:44
Bembridge Ledge Buoy 02:18:47 02:22:47
Finish Line 02:25:31 03:23:23
9:07:30 10:28:50
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  2. […] Fortyniner crossed the finish line with a time of 8 hours 58 minutes – just 18 seconds ahead of Nomad 1 when corrected for handicap. Both crews beat the records set by these yachts in previous races (check out last year’s race report) […]

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