RTIR 2012 – Crew List (Nomad 1)

Posted: 28 June 2012 by Jim Barden in Round the Island Race

NOMAD 1 , a similar crew to last year, though unfortunately we lose Lou and Liz to VIS.

Jim Barden (Skipper and Ukulele)

My Dad taught me to sail on a Wayfarer he ‘borrowed’ from work. We used to wheel it down to the river and sail it over to the Isle of Wight – as a boy this seemed like a full channel crossing – think it still would on a boat that size.  Since then have sailed offshore around UK, Atlantic and Mediterranean Europe and worked on a survey vessel in the North Sea.   Now loving running Nomad Sailing with my sister Lou and hope one day to take a few years out and sail away somewhere…..

Paul Blacknell (Crew and Multi-Media)

Got into sailing a couple of years ago and decided to jump in at the deep end (so to speak) by taking the 9 day combined Day Skipper theory/practical. My experience prior to that had been limited to cross channel ferries! Since then my family has trained as Competent Crew and we chartered in the Ionian islands for a couple of weeks having an outstanding time. My sailing ambitions are geared working towards Yachtmaster so building up the miles and experience that goes with that. Crewed on Nomad 1 in last year’s RTIR

Kirsty Elliot (Crew and Downwind Helm)

Started sailing in May 2009.  Having never been on a boat before I booked a sailing holiday in Greece and was hooked.  Qualified as a day skipper in August 2010 and sailed as part of the Nomad Team in RTIR 2011.  Still not sailing as a much as I would like but looking forward to RTIR 2012 and hoping for slightly more favourable conditions than last year!!

Chris Hill (Crew and Sail Trim)

I am an enthusiastic but very bad dinghy sailor. Have crewed at Cowes week a couple of times. Did the ARC once and lots of family cruising holidays. On the most recent charter in Montenegro our engine failed, anchor winch failed and finally the prop fell off. So also a bit of a jonah.

Peter May (Crew and Anti-Foul)

Likes to think of himself as a really good ‘natural’ sailor, that could have been in the olympics if he’d taken it up sooner / wasn’t so well packed with ballast. When not sailing, busy day dreaming about sailing and fantasising about his abilities there of (or playing squash or changing nappies/having his hair pulled).   Sailing history: Several bare back trips to Turkey- generally what lacks in wind is made up for with Raki and diving off the bow into gorgeous blue waters. Also chartered several boats on the Solent, including skippering one round the island in May 2012! … and running aground. : ]… It’s all about learning from the experiences, I think.   Sailing ambitions: Completing costal skippers/yacht master in next year. Then getting Sea survival and VHF course under the belt. Then FastNet. Generally mucking about on boats as much as possible. Oh, and looking better in a ladies fit Nomad polo shirt (I’ll take mens large this time round please Jim- I scared the baby trying on that ladies fit medium!!!).

Bob Munday (Crew and First Aid)

About me…

Sailing History – Day Skipper (Nomad Graduate via Commodore), several bareboat charters in the Solent, cross channel and RRIR 2011 on the mighty Nomad1.

Sailing Ambitions – To convince my wife that sailing is an enjoyable pastime and a sound investment, ultimately Yachtmaster, Fastnet, ARC, although not necessarily in that order.

Richard Oughton

I did my Day Skipper, the theory with Nomad Sailing and the practical in Lanzarote.  We’ve done a few charters in Greece, Turkey and Croatia and a few trips in the Solent bimbling up to the Folly Inn and a great week with yourself last year for Coastal Skipper. The Yacht Master theory was fine but we both know the practical was a very different story!!!I have to do the ARC and want to get it done within the next year or so!Looking forward to seeing you and your sister and what is likely to be a great weekend.

The crew will be tweeting and sending updates to this blog, which will also be fed along with our positions to a race tracker on the website, so to keep in touch, please:

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  1. […] Nomad’s crew were delighted if not surprised to pass the Needles 24 minutes sooner than in similar conditions last year. They were more than a little restrained in early celebration given the potential advantage Vis had in her huge genoa for the downwind legs to Bembridge Ledge. This concern was not unfounded and the tracking software was hugely motivating to the Vis crew as they edged closer and closer to their rivals for the next several hours. […]

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